Merchant - A process,
a style guide and a product redesign.


How do we modernize the retail merchandising experience?

As part of a design duo and Product Design quartet, the goal was to redesign the legacy Merchandising desktop app so busy retailers can get their job done quicker on the web. What arose was a new process, visual language and product.


Team Goals

Upon joining the team, a thorough interface inventory was conducted to document what existed. This opened up opportunities to discuss what could be kept as well as improved. 

Development was included in design decisions, where meetings to discuss style and functionality allowed for members to be on board for the product's final outcome. 

With professional services, demoing prototypes, explaining new functionality and including their input in design discussions was proven effective. Client facing business analysts were able to comfortably loop clients in of new functionality well before development.


Lessons Learned

1. Everything. Always. Changes.
2. Multiple sketches and whiteboarding > a perfect mock up
3. Maintain a holistic product experience through business analysis, testing and research
4. Communication (and lookups) are life

Team Scrapbook


How do we document the present and future?

A style guide, design blog and extensive Confluence documentation were done throughout the year in order to justify, document and disseminate design decisions across multiple teams.


Working with React definitely had it's pros for functionality. For usability, it's component library follows industry standard. Our goal was to ensure the style and usability of the product was as seamless and easy to use as Microsoft Excel. Keeping account a clean style, the usability KPIs were benchmarked by making data loads, data entry and merchandising analysis as clear and basic to the user.


What did we do?

My role in the application's redesign was to focus on the main navigation and Retail Pricing & Business Modules.